Coronavirus Special Report
Year Three: April 16-22, 2022
Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 990,000 and national vaccination rate inches toward 67%. The Florida judge's ruling against the CDC travel mask mandate led U.S. airlines and Amtrak to drop their mask rules. But some airports and local transit systems keep their mandates. Most notably, Los Angeles has reimposed a mask mandate at LAX. The Justice Department will appeal, but the CDC won't demand emergency legal action to reinstate mask rules. Canada says it won't drop its mask mandate. Air Canada tops 100,000 passengers in one day for the first time in more than two years. Uber and Lyft dump their mask mandate. Spain ends indoor masking policy after more than 700 days. Even as travel booms again, Italy and the Netherlands expect sharp declines in volume compared to 2019. And more.

Coronavirus Update: Friday, April 22, 2022

The Chinese government's handling of the Shanghai lockdown continues to create confusion and contention. The Los Angeles Times covers the public anger directed at the Chinese Communist Party. And the pressure is leading the government to relax strictures on the supply chain. The Associated Press has details. Here are today's other developments:
        Thursday strength   The TSA says 2,279,905 people passed through U.S. airport checkpoints yesterday. That's 90.2% of comparative volume in 2019 and continues the strong post-Easter week of traffic.
        Mask up again, please   Los Angeles County, the country's most populous, has reinstated its public-transit mask mandate. Masks are now required at LAX Airport, on buses and trains and in car-share rides. Fox's Los Angeles television outlet has details.
        Never mind   After imposing a public indoor mask mandate on Monday, Philadelphia has reversed itself and ended the requirement effective immediately. has details and the Philadelphia Inquirer adds context. Shortly after the citywide mandate ended, Philadelphia Airport ended its mask mandate.
        Business travel revives   Alaska Airlines chief executive Ben Minicucci says leisure demand has fully recovered. Business travel demand is at 70% of 2019, an important indicator since Seattle-based Alaska Air services many high-tech businesses.
        Needless death   A new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation has found that nearly a quarter of a million Coronavirus deaths in the United States could have been prevented through vaccination. Yahoo!News has details.
        Barrels and gallons   The average price of gasoline in the United States today is $4.12 a gallon, says the AAA. That's unchanged since yesterday. ... Brent Crude oil, which most closely tracks the price of jet fuel, is selling at about $106 a barrel, down slightly from yesterday.

Coronavirus Update: Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Biden Administration has signaled that it won't try to revive the in-flight mask mandate now, but will fight for the right of the CDC to impose one in the future. By not filing for an emergency appeal or temporary stay of Monday's ruling by a federal judge in Florida, the White House is showing it is content to abandon the current mandate, which was due to expire on May 3 anyway.
      Following a slow-roll approach outlined by the Justice Department on Tuesday, the CDC yesterday claimed that it still thinks a mask mandate is necessary and officially requested DOJ appeal Monday's ruling. The Justice Department has appealed today.
      What happens now? Here's a likely scenario: The appeal is scheduled and argued in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, a process that could take weeks or even months. Conservative-leaning as it is, the 11th Circuit eventually overturns District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle's sophomoric, ultra-narrow ruling. Victorious, the CDC decides at that unknown date well in the future that a mask mandate is no longer necessary. The plaintiffs, a conservative-action group, appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supremes refuse to hear the case since there is no mask mandate in force and the issue is moot.
      Of course, there are genuine risks to the government's strategy. The Conservative 11th Circuit could twist itself into knots to uphold the nearly unsupportable Mizelle ruling. DOJ would then be forced to appeal to the Supremes. And a decidedly Conservative Supreme Court could narrowly rule in favor of the plaintiffs and against a mask mandate. That would seriously weaken the CDC's ability to act in the future.
      Stay tuned. For now, take your mask off at the airport and in-flight if that is what you wish. The state of things now is that there is no federal mask mandate. Only cities such as New York and Philadelphia still require masking at the airport. Meanwhile, here are today's other developments:
        This is impressive   The TSA says 2,027,836 people passed through U.S. airport checkpoints yesterday. That's 89.9% of comparative volume in 2019. Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest travel days of the week and this week's very strong showing on these two days is impressive.
        Masks? Of course!   Asians routinely mask up when they are ill and in public. That's true even when they have something as minor as a cold. So you can imagine their reluctance to unmask as the Covid pandemic continues to rage. The Wall Street Journal has details.
        Partygate update   British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was rebuked by his own party today (local time) when it refused to block a Parliamentary motion to formally investigate his actions during the pandemic. He's already been fined for breaking Covid restrictions his government wrote. The new investigation will examine whether he lied to Parliament by claiming he'd observed all rules. In the oh-so-proper, convoluted British system, a member of Parliament (even and especially the Prime Minister) is honor-bound to resign. The Guardian has details.
        New Zealand, new problems   New Zealand closed its borders at the beginning of the Covid pandemic and is just now slowly allowing overseas visitors to reach the country. But it's going to be a long haul, requiring perhaps three years to get back to tourist volumes registered in 2019. Bloomberg News has details.
        Less la dolce vita   Even with the current travel boom, Italy tourism authorities expect nearly 30% fewer international visitors in 2022. Overnight stays are expected to be down around 22%.
        Barrels and gallons   The average price of gasoline in the United States today is $4.12 a gallon, says the AAA. That's up about half a cent since yesterday. ... Brent Crude oil, which most closely tracks the price of jet fuel, settled at $108.33 today, about two dollars higher than yesterday.
        Grubby Grubhub   The European owner of Grubhub, the No. 3 restaurant-delivery service in the United States, is considering selling off the company. Why? With the pandemic easing, people are ordering in less. In Grubhub's case, orders fell 5% in the first quarter. The Wall Street Journal has details.

Coronavirus Update: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Monday's judicial ruling that voided the CDC/TSA/Biden Administration travel mandate is still top-of-mind and top-of-the-headlines. The Justice Department says it will appeal the ruling, but only if the CDC tells them to do it. CNN has details of that odd political/legal affair. The Associated Press says that a clear majority of Americans favored keeping the in-flight mask mandate. The details are here. Meanwhile, the judge's ruling is being criticized for its overt bias and a bizarre textualist reading of the law. has those details. Here are today's other developments:
        Masks off ...   Chicago's two airports, O'Hare and Midway, removed their mask mandate after Illinois Governor Pritzker J.B. Pritzker revised an executive order on transportation. And Houston's airports, Hobby and Bush Intercontinental, also removed their mask mandate. The Houston Chronicle has details.
        Canada says "nay"   The Canadian government won't remove its travel mask mandate to match the judge-imposed U.S. decision. CBC News has details.
        Eights   The TSA says 1,979,882 people passed through U.S. airport checkpoints yesterday. That is 88.8% of comparative volume in 2019.
        Adiós   Spain today officially ended the requirement to wear masks in indoor public spaces. The restriction was in place for more than 700 days.
        The wooden shoe is on the other foot now   After complaining for years that the country was overtouristed, Netherlands travel officials may be seeking visitors. Twelve million international visitors will spend at least one night in the Netherlands in 2022. With the exception of Covid-struck 2020 and 2021, that'll be the lowest number in a decade, according to Statista.
        Barrels and gallons   The average price of gasoline in the United States today is $4.114 a gallon, says the AAA. That's up about a penny since yesterday and three cents higher than last week's average. ... Brent Crude oil, which most closely tracks the price of jet fuel, settled at $106.80 today, down half-a-buck since yesterday.

Coronavirus Update: Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Virtually all U.S. airlines had made masks optional in-flight by late last evening, but it was more confusing at the airports. In the New York area, for example, Newark lifted its mask mandate after a decree by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. But Kennedy International and LaGuardia in New York maintained their mandates. Philadelphia International is also maintaining its mask mandate to comply with a city-wide mandate revived yesterday. Citing an Illinois transit order, Chicago/O'Hare and Chicago/Midway said they would continue their mask mandates. Also sticking with mandatory masks: Hobby and Bush Intercontinental, Houston's airports. Among the airports dropping their mandates: SFO, LAX and San Diego in California; Atlanta/Hartsfield; DFW and Love Field in Dallas; Charlotte; Miami International. Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida; and most other U.S. airports. Here are today's other developments:
        Rails and masks   Amtrak, the federally owned national rail system, dropped its mask mandate yesterday shortly after the Florida judge voided the CDC mask order. BART in San Francisco, the T in Boston, the Washington Metro system and NJ Transit in New Jersey also dropped mandates. SEPTA, which operates Philadelphia's mass-transit system, dropped its mask mandate yesterday, ironic since Philadelphia re-imposed an indoor mask mandate at the same time. However, the MTA, which operates the New York City subways and New York's commuter lines, is retaining its mask mandate. The CTA in Chicago says masks will continue to be required. Washington State Ferries dropped its mask rule last night, but most Seattle-area transit authorities kept their mask mandates in place. For a few hours at least. Then they, too, dropped the mask rules.
        Holiday crowds   The TSA says about 8.7 million passed through U.S. airport checkpoints over the holiday weekend (Friday-Monday). That's 92.7% of comparative volume in 2019. It is also more than 21 times the volume over a similar period in 2020, at the height of the first wave of Coronavirus in the United States.
        Good numbers, comparatively   There were 235,595 new Coronavirus cases in the United States during the last week, according to Johns Hopkins. That is down a bit from the previous week. The death toll was 2,973, down about 20% from the previous week.
        Ride without masks   Uber and Lyft have lifted their mask mandates and you'll no longer be required to wear a mask while riding.
        Europe crawls upward   There were an average of 24,534 daily flights in Europe skies during the week ended April 17. According to Eurocontrol, which operates the continent's air traffic control, that's up 1.4% from the previous week.
        Facing the music   The Supreme Court said it would not stop the Air Force from disciplining a reservist for his refusal to be vaccinated. has details.
        The Great White North   Air Canada said it flew 100,701 passengers on April 15, the first time the carrier passed the 100,000 mark since March 13, 2020. Yahoo!Finance Canada has details.
        Barrels and gallons   The average price of gasoline in the United States today is $4.101 a gallon, says the AAA. That's up a few cents from before Easter. Meanwhile, Brent Crude oil, which most closely tracks the price of jet fuel, settled at $107.25 today, down a few bucks from before Easter.

Coronavirus Update: Monday, April 18, 2022

A federal judge in Florida voided the Biden Administration's travel mask mandate earlier today and airlines almost immediately lifted their requirements to wear masks on their flights. The ruling does not necessarily affect international flights operated by U.S. airlines, however. Carriers will still be required to enforce a mask mandate if the country you're flying to/from continues to require masks.
    The 59-page decision from Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle stems from a case last year brought by a conservative group opposed to the mandate. The judge decided that the CDC overstepped its legal authority by imposing a mask mandate and had done it without the required public-comment period. She added that the CDC's power over "sanitation is limited to cleaning measures" and "wearing a mask cleans nothing." Yet the decision says nothing about the TSA, which is the federal agency that imposed the mask mandate on airlines, airports, trains and other forms of interstate public transportation.
    Shortly after the ruling, the Biden Administration said the ruling was "disappointing" and indicated that the CDC, the TSA, Homeland Security and the Justice Department were reviewing their options. However, the TSA said it would stop enforcing its mask mandate and that opened the floodgates of change at the airlines.
    Alaska Airlines was the first to publicly drop a mask requirement. United Airlines shortly after said "masks are no longer required on domestic flights, select international flights or at U.S. airports." Delta followed a few minutes later. After a short gap, the other airlines chimed in. JetBlue Airways, which was the first carrier to impose its own mask mandate in May, 2020, was one of the last airlines heard from today. It said simply that "mask wearing will now be optional."
    Ironically--but perhaps not coincidental--Mizelle's ruling came on the day that the mask mandate had been set to expire. But it was extended last week by the TSA for an additional 15 days and was currently due to expire on May 3.

        President Joe Biden issued an executive order on January 21, 2021, calling for masking on public transportation.
        The CDC called for a mask mandate shortly afterward and required "individuals wear masks on conveyances and at stations, ports, or similar transportation hubs."
        On January 31, 2021, the TSA ordered such a mask mandate, effective on February 2, 2021. It was originally due to expire on May 11, 2021. The effective date was extended several times and had been expected to expire today, April 18. However, the TSA ordered a 15-day extension late last week. The original 2021 TSA announcement is here.
        Predating the federal mandate, all major airlines and virtually all airports had issued their own mandates as early as May, 2020.
        On March 23, 2022, airline executives asked the Biden Administration to lift the mask mandate. Here's the letter the CEOs and the industry sent.
        Judge Mizell was appointed to the federal court in 2020 by President Donald Trump. She was deemed "not qualified" by the ABA. She was a post-election, lame-duck appointment and Trump's youngest (33 years old) and least qualified (only eight years out of law school) choice. She had virtually no trial experience. She did have four clerkships, however, including one with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
        The FAA has issued millions of dollars' worth of fines on dozens of travelers who ignored the mask mandate and/or created other in-flight disruptions. Virtually none of the fines have been paid and there doesn't seem to be any mechanism for collecting them.

Coronavirus Update: Weekend, April 16-17, 2022

American Airlines says that it will resume alcohol sales in coach, the last U.S. carrier to do so. It set the restoration for Monday (April 18), when the in-flight mask mandate was due to expire before being extended last week through May 3. American says the extension of the mandate again will not affect its plans for Monday. NBC News has more details. Here are this weekend's other developments.
        The inevitable lawsuit   Philadelphia on Monday reinstates the city's indoor mask mandate for public places. That has naturally drawn a lawsuit. The CBS TV affiliate in Philadelphia has details.
        Fewer riders, but more crime   Crime is rising on subway systems throughout the country. It correlates with fewer riders on those systems. In other words, fewer passenger eyes on the prize means more bad deeds can be committed. The Washington Post has details.
        Not a Shanghai surprise   China has admitted to the first Coronavirus deaths since it locked down Shanghai and its 23 million residents. Agence France Presse has details.
        Mandate madness   As more firms drop their vaccine mandates, more employees become enraged by the decisions. Bloomberg News has details.
        Tampa's time   Hotels nationwide registered an average room occupancy rate of 66.4% for the week ended April 9. Lodging statisticians STR says that Tampa hotels had an average occupancy rate of 84%, 6.2 points higher than a similar week in 2019. At the other end of the hotel scale, Minneapolis registered an average occupancy of 51.4%, down nearly 30 points from 2019.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for April 9-April 15:

Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 988,000. The national vaccination rate still below 67%. The CDC that says the in-flight mask mandate will continue through May 3. JetBlue Airways has another weekend meltdown while airline traffic was close to 2019 "normal." The FAA proposes more than $150,000 in fines for two disruptive passengers. Philadelphia restores mask mandate for indoor public places. Thailand and Hong Kong are eliminating Covid rules. Vienna and South Korea loosen theirs. Traffic in Europe's skies nears 80% of 2019 volume, but travel in locked-down China plunges to 20% of normal. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for April 2-April 8:

Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 984,000. The national vaccination rate is mired below 67%. White House Covid czar says the test requirement for travelers returning to the United States stays. Another airline meltdown over the weekend did not stop travelers flying at 92% of 2019 levels. British carriers cancel hundreds of flights due to Covid sick-calls. Airlines jockey Australia and New Zealand routes and schedules as the countries reopen to travelers. Ryanair and Turkish Airlines now have more capacity than in 2019, but Lufthansa and SAS remain down more than 30%. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for March 26-April 1:

Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 980,000. The national vaccination rate is stuck around 66% and vaccinations have fallen to the lowest rate since December, 2020. A new passenger punch-up at Southwest Airlines. January passenger traffic in the United States remained a third below 2019 "norms," but 19 days in March surpassed 2 million travelers at U.S. airports. Europe aircraft traffic continues to climb despite Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Two late legal challenges to the mask mandate. Global airline capacity grows 3% during the first week of spring. Airline traffic in Asia was down more than 90% in February. Some flyers are still fighting for refunds on flights the airlines canceled during the pandemic. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for March 19-March 25:

Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 975,000. The national vaccination rate is stalled around 66%. Hong Kong and Singapore reopen to visitors in April. Austria reimposes a mask mandate as new infections rise again. Shanghai Disneyland closes again. China issues new stay-at-home orders for millions of residents. Spring Break traffic is near 2019 "norms" and is 11 times the volume of 2020, when Coronavirus first hit travel. A chain of Covid testing sites named O'Hare performed about how you'd expect. Hotel occupancy is bouncing back. South Africa drops testing for vaccinated travelers entering the country. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for March 12-March 18:

Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 970,000, but new cases have plunged since January peaks. The national vaccination rate finally reaches 66%. Canada drops testing requirement for fully vaccinated visitors starting on April 1. Flying for Spring break is roaring. Heathrow Airport and British airlines drop their mask mandates. New Zealand and South Korea welcome tourists again starting in April. Domestic airline traffic fell 27.3% in 2021. Global seat capacity remains 22% below pre-pandemic highs. Miami Airport reports busiest day in its history. Shenzhen locks down and China closes parts of Shanghai, too. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for March 5-March 11:

Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 965,000 and the global death toll has passed six million. The national vaccination rate is stalled below 66%. Hawaii and Ontario drop their indoor mask mandates. Ireland, Belgium, Romania and Hungary drop their entry restrictions, but Luxembourg says leisure travelers are still not welcome. Taiwan and Saudi Arabia loosen Covid restrictions. Malaysia reopens to vaccinated tourists on April 1. United Airlines says its unvaccinated employees may return to work. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for Feb. 26-March 4:

Read all about Covid! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 956,000 while national vaccination rate remains below 66%. Hotels are charging us lots more while they offer much less. Hawaii will drop entry tests and proof-of-vaccination rules before the end of the month and Bali ends mandatory quarantines on March 14. Philadelphia and Boston drop indoor mask mandates and New York City will end its proof-of-vaccine rules. Bad drivers created havoc on the nation's roads during the height of the pandemic. U.S. airline traffic during the last weekend of February reached 90% of 2020 volume. U.S. carriers operated 78% of pre-pandemic schedules in 2021. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for February 19-25

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths top 944,000 as the national vaccination rate stalls around 65%. Boston drops proof-of-vaccination rules and Los Angeles County ends mask mandate. England drops all Coronavirus restrictions. Ireland drops masking requirements. EU advises member nations to end Covid entry rules and testing and Italy drops them effective March 1. The DOT says 2021 air traffic was 27% below 2019's record total as passengers skewed more domestic than ever before. Washington-area airports were around 60% of 2019 volume. Atlanta/Hartsfield was about 68%. Notable exception? Austin/Bergstrom Airport. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for February 12-18

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths top 931,000. Washington ends proof-of-vaccine requirement for most businesses. Business travel flying continues to lag leisure numbers. France ends entry-testing requirement for fully vaccinated visitors. Flight volume between U.S. gateways and London/Heathrow remains down sharply. Two major cruise lines and Disneyland drop mask mandates. Germany, Austria and the Netherlands slowly lift national Covid restrictions. Switzerland ends all its Coronavirus entry requirements. Canada says it will accept some antigen tests to enter the country. Hawaii is last state to maintain all its mask mandates. Two years into the pandemic, Cathay Pacific is carrying fewer than 800 passengers a day and Hong Kong is turning hotel rooms into hospital space. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for February 5-11

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths top 915,000 as the national vaccination rate finally reaches 65%. Nevada abruptly lifts indoor mask mandate hours before bettors flood casinos on Super Bowl weekend. Australia opens it borders on February 21. Spain expects two-thirds of 2019's travel volume this year. Italy drops outdoor mask mandate and Finland ends testing for travelers entering the country. California, New York, Nevada and a slew of other states end some mask mandates. Hawaii won't require a booster shot to visit. Malaysia may open borders in March. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for Jan. 29-February 4

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths top 896,000. National vaccination rate remains below 65%. Denver is ending its mask and vaccine mandates, but New York State extends its mask rules. China's largest airlines may have lost US$7 billion in 2021. Iowa will end all Covid measures and data reporting. Dominican Republic now the most visited country in the Caribbean. Scandinavian countries dismantle their Covid restrictions. The U.S. Virgin Islands no longer requires entry tests for vaccinated travelers. New Zealand may welcome visitors from North America as early as spring. Winter storms play havoc with daily travel. Denver Airport traffic in December was down only about 7% compared to 2019. Spain retains, then scraps, its outdoor mask mandate. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for January 22-28

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths top 878,000. National vaccination rate stalls around 64%. U.S. flying in January plummets. European nations begin lifting or loosening Covid rules. Asia travel all but disappeared last year. Worldwide airline passenger traffic in 2021 was just 42% of 2019 levels. Four of the ten largest European airlines are operating at or below 50% of 2019 capacity. Major routes between Europe and the United States have as many as 44% fewer flights than in 2019. The United States and China continue war over seat capacity. Hong Kong cuts arrival quarantines to 14 days. Rio delays its Carnival parades. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for January 15-21

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths top 860,000. The national vaccination rate hangs below 64%. U.S. flying plunges while winter storm leads to thousands of cancellations over the King Day weekend. Two transatlantic flights return to departure airports after passengers disrupted operations. Europe aircraft traffic is at lowest rate since September and Eurostar passengers fell 85% last year compared to 2019. About 33 million seats disappear from worldwide winter schedules as airlines slash schedules to cope with Omicron. Sweden, Austria and Thailand loosen entry rules. Emirates Airline won't accept proctored antigen tests from U.S.-bound flyers even though they are accepted by the United States for re-entry. Amtrak cuts schedules through March. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for January 8-14

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 846,000. The national vaccination rate crawls past 63%. U.S. post-holiday flying numbers tumble. American Airlines says it won't fire vaccine holdouts. United says sick calls are extremely high while Delta threatens flight attendants over time off for positive tests. Qantas, Finnair and Virgin Australia slash schedules. Amtrak says fiscal 2022 revenue will be down 20% on pre-pandemic levels. New Orleans reinstates indoor mask mandate, but the Paris outdoor mask rule is overturned. Sweden orders restaurants and bars to close early. Heathrow Airport traffic plunges in December. The United States continues fighting with China over flights and schedules. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

Daily Coronavirus Updates for January 1-7

Read all about it! U.S. Coronavirus deaths pass 834,000. The national vaccination rate reaches 63%. France clamps down on unvaccinated U.S. visitors while Cyprus demands negative PCR tests of all arrivals. Hong Kong and Macao ban all flights from the United States, Canada and other countries. England and Ireland ease testing rules for entry. Bad weather, Covid absentees and dreadful airline management lead to an end-of-the-year flying disaster that has dragged into this week. Global airline seat capacity was down 35% in 2021. Every cruise ship sailing in U.S. waters has reported Coronavirus cases and the CDC is investigating. And more. Click here for the week's updates.

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